“When a well-known developer is behind this, I start to fear for the industry” – Industry on DTF

She even seems to be talking about Diablo Immortal.

Producer of one of Riot’s upcoming projects Juno Bliz, who previously worked on League of Legends: Wild Rift, she talked on the monetization of mobile games in her Twitter She criticized the model where “predatory mechanics” are covered by gameplay. This approach is used in Diablo Immortal, which, apparently, was partly discussed in the thread.

According to Bliz, she is concerned that monetization, which allows you to become stronger and win by spending real money, is becoming the norm through the efforts of well-known developers.

The games cover up “predatory pay-to-win mechanics” until the later stages of the game, as well as disguise them with gameplay to make it as difficult as possible for players to understand what they are connecting with and how much it really costs.

When people roll the dice, they know it’s gambling. But when they pay to increase the chance of losing loot during gameplay, recognizing pay-to-win mechanics becomes more difficult.

Juneau Close

producer of Riot Games

According to the producer, the revenue from the game is certainly important, but the industry is increasingly looking at it as the only indicator of success, resorting to more brazen models of monetization.

There are no mechanisms in the industry to encourage more ethical practices and protect players, especially in the case of mobile gaming. As I see it, only a few studios restrain themselves.

When such a dubious standard is supported by well-known developers, I start to fear for the industry. As a developer and gamer.

Juneau Close

producer of Riot Games

League of Legends MMO game director Mark Yetter agreed with Bliz. He believes that new ways of “squeezing” money harm not only the players but also the game itself.

Today, developers have many ways to squeeze as much profit as possible, but in the end it hurts both players and the game in the long run. Ideally, the F2P game should be such that its developers can make money, and players are happy with their purchases in it.

Mark Ether

MMO game director from Riot Games

The scope of the allowed monetization of mobile games has again begun to be actively discussed after the release of Diablo Immortal from Blizzard. Players criticized her for “predatory mechanics” for encouraging them to spend real money pumping characters.

Monetization of Diablo Immortal is already being joked about, and one developer has even created a “simulator” of $ 25 portals for players to find out how much money they would have to spend on the game.

The developer has created a “simulator” of $ 25 portals with Diablo Immortal in the browser – “for those who do not have money »

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