“When Medvedev played in America, I did not hear whistles in the stands. They support our guys as well as their rivals. ”

Our sport is feverish. Russian teams are suspended from international competitions, and some athletes are forced to play in neutral status. Our tennis players remain one of the few who continue to play in the biggest tournaments. But not everything is smooth here either.

Daniil Medvedev recently lost the title of the world’s first racket. But it will be so easy to return it. Especially since the other day the British Minister of Sports Nigel Huddleston said that in order for Russian tennis players to come to London for Wimbledon, they must actually give up their country. “We want to confirm in a written statement that they do not receive money from Putin, Russia or Belarus and that they will not approve of Putin, Russia or Belarus.” Even British lawyers called these words discrimination on the basis of nationality.

Daniil Medvedev himself replied that he just wants to play tennis and develop this sport in his country. And then he said that he would go to surgery and miss several tournaments. What’s going on?

President of the Russian Tennis Federation Shamil Tarpishchev told KP Sport:

  • about Daniil Medvedev’s injury
  • that are required of a Russian tennis player to participate in Wimbledon
  • how to meet our athletes on the courts during tournaments in the West
  • why even children from Russia do not go to foreign tournaments
  • when our athletes were previously disqualified and what it was about
  • and also named the only country in Europe that issues tourist visas to Russians
Shamil Tarpishchev spoke about what is happening with Daniil Medvedev. Photo: TASS

How tennis player Medvedev reacted to the threat of the British
How tennis player Medvedev reacted to the threat of the British

“Medvedev needs to improve”

– Shamil Anvyarovich, is there something serious with Daniil Medvedev?

– Hernia.

– He has two “Masters” are not very successful. Did the injury play a role?

– Undoubtedly. But it was at these Masters that we did not focus on the result at all. We were preparing for the ground season. Unfortunately, it so happened that Danya aggravated the injury.

– And what do you think about the fact that the British demand almost some repentance from Medvedev, otherwise he will not be allowed to Wimbledon.

– These are their problems, not ours.

– In this regard, they already say that the operation is a diplomatic disease of Medvedev.

– In what plan?

– Pauses to calm the passions.

– No. He will really miss about a month.

“Will he be preparing for Roland Garros?” (There, by the way, our tennis players are allowed without any receipts, – Author.)

– If all goes well, he will play. Although, he has little time left. Roland Garros in the third week of May begins. Butt turns out.

– That is to regain the title of the world’s first racket – this is not the main goal at the moment?

– Absolutely. Vaughn Djokovic is not soaring. Novak has already broken all records, in my opinion, 363 weeks is the first. So Medvedev just needs to improve. On the ground, he plays worse than on other surfaces, and the goal was to play on the ground, but, unfortunately, failed.

Daniil Medvedev with the cup of the winner of the US Open-2021, and Novak Djokovic – with the second prize. Photo: Reuters

Medvedev will postpone the operation
Medvedev will postpone the operation

“Russian tennis players feel the psychological press”

– And what about our other guys – Rublev, Khachanov, they are not pressed, everything is fine?

“Okay.” Everything is going according to schedule. The only thing, of course, the psychological press is still felt.

– And how are they received at tournaments, whistled or not?

– No. During Medvedev’s game in America, I did not hear a whistle in the stands at all. And they are about the same pain as our opponent and ours. Therefore, nothing like this can be seen from the outside. And we, by the way, did not have a single refusal to let someone against us, did not refuse to play, etc. So far we have avoided this whole situation.

– But Russia will not participate in team competitions this year?

– Yes, we miss the team. And the children will not play in international tournaments yet. But the issue of children is a matter of safety, of course.

Andrey Rublev
In February, Russian Rublev won a tennis tournament in Dubai. Photo: Reuters

Medvedev missed the opportunity to regain the status of the first racket
Medvedev missed the opportunity to regain the status of the first racket

“In 1976 we were disqualified for refusing to play against Chile”

– Shamil Anvyarovich, you have been the captain of our tennis team since 1974 and this is not the first time you have been in such a situation?

– Of course. 1976-1978 we were already disqualified. Then there was the struggle against apartheid, it was impossible to play against athletes from South Africa, then Chile, then Rhodesia.

– And for what specifically did the international federation disqualify us?

– For refusing to play against Chile. We could have won the Davis Cup in 1976 because we had to host Chile in the semi-finals, but football let us down. Because they played football with Chile in Sochi 0: 0, and then they called me and said: “Do you guarantee victory?” I wrote a receipt to the Central Committee of the party that I guarantee victory. Then they said: “And in a neutral field?” I said that I guarantee victory in neutral. And still not allowed to play. And if they beat Chile, they would host Italy at home in the final. That is, we really could have won the Davis Cup in 1976. The team was very strong – Metreveli, Kakulia, Likhachev, Korotkov or Volkov.

– But even in personal competitions, our tennis players have not performed for several years?

– Yes, but how to play? For example, if I hit a Yuar player in the next round on the net tomorrow, I should have lost today so as not to meet him.

“Absurd, of course.”

“But that’s how they lived.” At best, Metreveli and Morozov went to the big tournaments… That’s why I finished playing so early, although in 1972-1973 I won three tournaments of the strongest tennis players of the Soviet Union in a row, the only one who won. In 1973, from January 1 to August 1, I did not have a single defeat.

Russian tennis players who are not in the elite cannot participate in international tournaments. Photo: Global Look Press

“Only Italy now gives tourist visas to Russian tennis players”

– Shamil Anvyarovich, now many sports are trying to develop competitions within the country – figure skaters held the Channel One Cup, skiers – the large-scale Russian championship in Syktykar. And tennis players?

“I do the same.” I have organized a network of tournaments within the country, we play, but it is not enough to improve. Not a little on tournaments, but a little on quality. For progress, it is necessary that in each tournament a person suffers on the court and defeats strong opponents. Otherwise you cook in your own juice. That is, our elite seems to be playing in the world tour. But the nearest reserve has nowhere to play, there is no opportunity to go to another country. Tourist visas are currently issued only by Italy.

– And where will the Russian championship be and when?

– In Kazan, it is traditional. This is August-September.


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