Where are the children? Svetlana Malkova got in touch after accusations of sectarianism

In March, Roman Malkov’s ex-wife emigrated from Slovenia to America. The mother of many children had been preparing for the move for about five months. Only close people knew about the woman’s plans.

Now Svetlana intends to start life from scratch. In the states, the artist has already found a school for children and a place to work. In the future, Malkova plans to open her own drawing school.

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“I love Slovenia very much, we have lived there for eight years. But I could no longer develop there: living became expensive. So I decided to move to the United States. I mean, I feel at home here. Probably, I was born to be an immigrant, ”said the blonde with subscribers.

Some time later, Svetlana’s ex-husband Roman Malkov sounded the alarm. The man stated that the ex-wife took the children: Anna, Alexandra and Akim illegally. He, as a father, did not give permission for this. Moreover, the businessman is sure that Svetlana has fallen into a sect, so his children are in danger. Roman published an open letter on his social networks and asked for help from the public, lawyers and government agencies.

Against the background of Roman’s search, Svetlana will post a photo of a family walk. Then she rides a yacht in Miami, then enjoys the views of the Pacific Ocean. Happy children also pose with their mother while visiting the University of Washington in Seattle.

“My favorites. A wonderful walk, “wrote a mother of many children in a personal blog, noting that the heirs are all right.

By the way, Malkova’s lawyer Olga Sinelnikova also got in touch. The lawyer considers Roman’s accusations unfounded. “Of course, martyrs are recruited in Seattle, yes Svetlana? The novel is aware of how it is done, he even has fresh memories. He is clearly in the topic, “the human rights activist wrote.

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But Svetlana is really familiar with Yevgeny Peresvetov, who was reported by the businessman. The artist went to his performance and thanked the so-called pastor for his help.

The novel is supported by his current wife Anastasia Makeeva. The actress calls Svetlana a swindler who allegedly collects money from people who sympathize with her.

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