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The seventh issue of the third season of the show “Mask” was released on NTV on March 27, 2022. In previous programs, the masks were dropped from the Dog (Roman Kostomarov), Peacock (Albina Dzhanabayeva), Horse (Nonna Grishaeva), Joker (Navai Bakirov) and Octopus (Natalia Podolskaya). There are 9 participants left, and with each issue it is more and more difficult for the jury members to make a choice and part with the heroes of the project.

Philip Kirkorov: “The buyer will die in a minute in this suit”

Opened the show Baby with the song “Fire and Water”, which at one time Philip Kirkorov “borrowed” from the Greek band Antique. The factory number completely confused the judges, who thought that Dava, Ruslan Alekhno and Brandon Stone were hiding under a mask. Timur Rodriguez’s version that it could be Arkady Ukupnik, Kirkorov rejected: “Yes, he will die in a minute in this suit!”

The kid on the Mask-3 show. Photo:

Leopard performed the hit of the group “City 312” “I’ll stay”, dismantling the souls of the jury members with awe and tender performance. Kirkorov does not let go of the obsession that the role of Leopard is played by the singer Shen, also known as Anna Shulgina, daughter of Valeria. From program to program, we observe the exchange of romantic signs of attention of Timur Batrutdinov and Leopard, and Regina Todorenko compiled a horoscope of their compatibility in marriage – 75%.

As usual Monster set up all the members of the jury in a humorous way, presenting his version of their chat. For the number, he chose Elvis Presley’s lyrical composition “It’s Now Or Never” and caused shouts of “Bravo” from the king of pop. Philip said that the secret of the success of this artist is that he enjoys performing, high. “And he has a terrific self-irony,” added Valeria. The versions were as follows: singer Alexei Vorobiev, actor Danila Dunaev and young singer Vogel.

Donut sang “Voyage”, and Bee – “Dov’e l’amore”

Donut traditionally pampered the jury with sweets and performed the disco hit “Voyage Voyage”. “Fashion vocals, fashion in everything,” Kirkorov admired. Rodriguez noted a good pronunciation, it turned out Donut lived in France for several years. The version of Regina Todorenko, dressed for the program as Jeanne d’Arc, was Olga Seryabkina, and Valeria suggested that it could be Nargiz. On social networks, many write that it is Irina Ponarovskaya.

Amanita on the show Mask-3. Photo:

The incendiary number for Leonid Agutin’s composition “Ole-ole” presented a mysterious one Fly agaric. Todorenko, who presented the artist with canned mushrooms from her grandmother, is sure that Stas Mikhailov is hiding under a mask. Timur Rodriguez offered his version: actor and singer Eugene Dyatlov.

Especially for the chairman of the jury Philip Kirkorov restless A bee prepared Cher’s song “Dov’e l’amore”. In response, the pop king showered his bug with air kisses and, convinced that Lada Dance was performing in this image, recalled the story of their acquaintance at the Odessa Opera House. Then he “stole” her from the trio “Women’s Council”, and did not skimp on his desire to hug and kiss the appetizing Bee. Other versions included Ekaterina Spitsa, Natalia Gromushkina, Aglaia Tarasova and Nadezhda Angarskaya.

Bee on the show Mask-3. Photo:

Capricorn is the son of Orbakayte, and Dragon is Marshall?

Alessandro Safina’s mystical serenade “Luna” continued the show Dragon. Even before the speech, Valeria suggested considering the candidacies of Yevgeny Dyatlov (again) and Metodia Buzhora, and Todorenko said that it could be Artik, but after the issue she agreed that this version of her was falling apart. Batrutdinov suggested that the Dragon could be Sergei Glushko (Tarzan), and Valeria is convinced that it is necessary to look for among opera performers. Kirkorov proposed Iddar Abdrazakov, Artem Kacher and Alexander Oleshko, and Batrutdinov proposed Elchin Azizov.

Host Vyacheslav Makarov and Capricorn on Mask-3. Photo:

Hypnotic Capricorn won the jury with a performance of Valery Kipelov’s song “I am free”. “I look and I don’t believe where this range, this power comes from?” Kirkorov wondered, convinced that Nikita Presnyakov might be behind the mask. Valeria suggested that Capricorn may be the son of Alexander Marshal Artem Minkov, and Regina Todorenko mentioned the actor Pavel Priluchny.

The mystical Anubis chose to perform the hit “You Are So Beautiful”, which was sung by Joe Cocker, Bonnie Tyler and Diana Ross. Valeria was delighted with the number: “Very powerful, professional, we have an artist with a huge soul,” but Kirkorov noted that Anubis began to repeat: “We are trampling with him on the same format of musical material.” Among the options, who could it be, were Sievert, Maria Zaitseva, Manizha.

The mask was removed from Leopard, it turned out to be Marie Kraimbreri

Marie Kraimbreri on the show Mask-3. Photo: NTV

Leopard, Donut and Capricorn were nominated for elimination. The audience vote in the studio saved Capricorn. And the jury decided by a majority vote that the mask should be removed by Leopard this time. All the judges were unanimous that it was Marie Kraimbreri. And indeed, under the mask of the Leopard hid the singer and songwriter Marina Zhadan, known as Marie Kraimbreri. “I’m a fan of your work, I love your song” Ocean “, – exclaimed Kirkorov. Marie herself admitted in her farewell speech: “You can’t imagine how happy I am to have been here, I wanted to be here from the first show, she said in the interview” Take me to the “Mask”! ” I love participating here so much, there are so many great artists here that I can’t guess. ” In farewell, the singer sang a song from the repertoire of Valeria “Let me go.”

Watch the eighth issue of the show “Mask-2022” on NTV on Sunday, April 3. The broadcast starts at 20.40 Moscow time.


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