Who was kicked out of the MASK show? Review of 8 issues from 03.04.2022

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On April 4, a new issue was released on NTV Mask Show (Season 3). On this page you will find a text online broadcast with short comments about what you saw and heard.

Reviews of previous issues:

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Mask 3 season 8 issue from 03.04.2022

20:40 start

20:45 Bee exit

20:47 tips Bees: works with honey

20:49 A bee sang a song “Let’s get it started”

20:56 discussion of the Bee’s speech. Versions of who under the mask of the Bee: Valeria – Masha Rasputina, Rodriguez – Nadezhda Angarskaya, Kirkorov – Angelika Agurbash

21:00 Donut exit

21:04 Donut’s tips: free and open to feelings, she is united with Kirkorov’s love for one country, constantly working on the freshness of perception

21:05 Donut sang a song “I’ll send it to…”

21:08 discussion of Donut’s speech. Versions of who under the mask of Donut: Valeria – Irina Otieva, Todorenko – Rita Dakota, Katie Topuria, Glucose, Nastasya Samburskaya

21:13 showed QR code for VK stickers:

QR code for receiving VK stickers

21:14 Capricorn exit

21:16 Capricorn tips: moves on the Internet and travels in time, visited the past in the movies, movement – his life

21:18 Capricorn sang the song Believer

21:24 discussion of Capricorn’s speech

21:28 the first spectator voting. Results: Bee – 17.9%, Capricorn – 2.6%, Donut – 79.5%. The first nominee for removing the mask – Donut.

21:30 Baby exit

21:34 tips Kid: loves to shout “Come on”, loves to fish

21:35 The kid sang a song “Not given”

21:38 discussion of the speech of the Kid. Versions of who under the mask of the Kid: Todorenko – Vladimir Pozner and Nikolai Tsiskaridze

21:47 exit of Amanita

21:50 Amanita’s tips: Leopard sometimes came to him in the clearing, tortured ciliate-shoe to dance

21:51 Amanita sang the song “O God”

21:55 discussion of Mukhomor’s speech. Versions of who under the guise of Amanita: Valeria – Eugene Dyatlov

22:00 Anubis exit

22:04 tips from Anubis: loves sold-out and encore shows

22:06 Anubis sang the song “Without you” voice of Maria Zaitseva

22:14 discussion of Anubis’ speech. Versions who are under the guise of Anubis: did not sound

22:20 second spectator voting. Results: Baby – 52.1%, Amanita – 32.1%, Anubis – 15.8%. The second nominee for removing the mask – Baby.

22:23 Monstrick’s exit. The Moscow Art Theater’s monologue is about nothing

22:27 Monster’s hints: he’s of royal blood

22:29 Monster sang the song “Late evening in Sorrento” voice of Alexei Vorobyov

22:37 discussion of Monstrick’s speech. Versions of who under the guise of the Monster: did not sound

22:42 Dragon exit

22:44 Dragon tips: shares experiences with young dragons, as a child dreamed of becoming a trucker

22:46 Dragon sang the song “Je t’aime”

22:54 discussion of the Dragon’s speech. Versions of who under the guise of the Dragon: Valeria – Ildar Abdrazakov

23:00 the third spectator voting. Results: Monster – 63.4%, Dragon – 36.6%. The third nominee for removing the mask – Monster.

23:03 secret word for maskantv site: SPRING

23:04 final spectator voting. Results: Donut – 6.1%, Baby – 42.4%, Monster – 51.5%. Spectators saved the Monster.

23:05 final judge voting. The judges saved Donut.

23:08 latest versions, who is under the mask of the Kid: Todorenko – Vlad Sokolovsky, Valeria – Emin Agalarov, Batrutdinov – Ruslan Alekhno, Rodriguez – Kirill Nechaev, Kirkorov – David Manukyan (Dava)

Who is under the mask KID?  Ruslan Alekhno

23:14 under the mask of the Kid – the singer Ruslan Alekhno

23:18 Ruslan Alekhno performed the song “Fire and Water”

Opinion on the 8th issue

Traditionally – notes in the fields:

  • the star of the evening is Valeria’s scary synthetic wig. She slapped him so strangely that she looked like a pink poodle.
  • I never heard who Regina Todorenko parodied in this issue.
  • The Moscow Art Theater’s monologue The Monster was advertised as if a repetition of the Lama’s love with the Rhinoceros was happening, only now the Monster with the Leopard. In vain worried, the mask with a sticky tear for a few minutes shook the air with pompous words, the meaning of which would not be clear
  • grazing logic as always at the highest level. “We know exactly who is under all the other masks, and the Kid is a mystery to us. So let’s not shoot the cannon at the sparrows and cut the Baby! ” Donchik had a minimum audience support of less than 10% in both audience votes. That’s right, in the opinion of the audience, everyone sneezes, even if you vote to zero – then the right people will pass.
  • The creators of “Masks” this year decided to go the easy way and stuffed into the masks of parody artists from “Exactly” / “One on One”. Nonna Grishaeva, Ruslan Alekhno, Evgeny Dyatlov, Maria Zaitseva, Nikita Presnyakov have not been revealed yet. This is both dishonest and uninteresting.
  • It is still a mystery to me who is in the Bee. Semi-mystery with Donut (she seems to be next to the pasture). It is said that Mukhomor is Evgeny Dyatlov. I am beginning to believe in the Dragon – Ildar Abdrazakov, because it’s time for viewers to Google and Yandex the name of the winner of the third season.

And who do you see as the winner of the third season of “Masks” NTV? Write in the comments.

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