Who was kicked out of the MASK show? Review of the 7th issue from March 27, 2022

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On March 27, a new issue was released on NTV Mask Show (Season 3). On this page you will find a text online broadcast with short comments about what you saw and heard.

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Mask 3 season 7 issue from 27.03.2022

20:40 start

20:47 baby exit

20:50 Baby tips: born where ancient fortresses; a small proud Motherland, over which the sun rises

20:51 The kid sang a song “Fire and water”. The kid abruptly forgot to sing…

20:58 discussion of the Kid’s speech. Versions: Todorenko – Dava, Valeria – Brandon Stone, Rodriguez – Arkady Ukupnik

21:02 Leopard exit. Batrutdinov received a gift – a decorative pillow with images of the Hare and the Leopard

21:05 Leopard hints: fortune-telling on the Tarot

21:07 Leopard sang the song “I’ll stay” in the voice of Marie Kraimbreri (blood from the ears)

21:16 discussion of Leopard’s speech.

21:20 Monster’s exit with a ridiculous chat of Masks judges

21:26 tips Monster: fought with a boar for treasure

21:27 Monster sang the song “It’s now or never” the voice of Alexei Vorobyov with an incompetent slant under Elvis

21:36 discussion of Monstrick’s speech. Versions: Todorenko – Danila Dunaev, Vogel, other judges – Alexei Vorobyov

21:40 the first spectator vote. Results: Baby – 29.3%, Leopard – 56.9%, Monster – 13.8%. The first nominee for removing the mask – Leopard.

21:43 Donut’s exit, donuts, marshmallows and a postcard for Kirkorov were handed out to the judges

21:45 Donut tips: Kirkorov and Donut once said to each other “you”

21:46 Donut sang a song «Voyage, voyage»

21:55 discussion of Donut’s speech.

22:00 exit of Amanita

22:02 tips Amanita: loves the night and dawn

22:04 Amanita sang the song “Ole-ole”

22:07 discussion of Mukhomor’s speech. Versions: Valeria and Rodriguez – Eugene Dyatlov

22:11 showed the code for receiving stickers of the show “Mask” in VK:

QR code for receiving stickers in contact

22:17 Bee exit

22:21 tips Bees: a lot of stories about judges, she was seen everywhere (in shops, movies, etc.)

22:22 A bee sang a song “Where’s the love”

22:26 discussion of the Bee’s speech. Versions: Kirkorov – Lada Dance, Valeria – Natalia Gromushkina, Todorenko – Aglaia Tarasova, Rodriguez – Nadezhda Angarskaya

22:34 second audience vote. Results: Donut – 52.2%, Amanita – 27.8%, Bee – 20%. The second nominee for removing the mask – Donut.

22:37 Dragon exit

22:41 Dragon tips: wanted to become a football player

22:43 The dragon sang the song “Moon”

22:47 discussion of the Dragon’s speech. Versions: Kirkorov – Ildar Abdrazakov and Artyom Kacher

22:55 Capricorn exit

22:58 Capricorn tips: can change color, he could not be distinguished from beets

22:59 Capricorn sang the song “I’m free” without voice processing

23:03 discussion of Capricorn’s speech.

23:07 Anubis exit

23:09 Anubis tips: born in the capital, once set sail

23:11 Anubis sang the song «You are so beautiful»

23:15 discussion of Anubis’ speech

23:19 third spectator vote. Results: Dragon – 28%, Capricorn – 37.6%, Anubis – 34.4%. The third nominee for removing the mask – Capricorn.

23:23 final vote. Spectators saved Capricorn. Results: Leopard – 40.4%, Donut – 7.7%, Capricorn – 51.9%

23:24 judge’s vote. The judges saved Donut.

23:29 latest versions: under the guise of Leopard – Marie Kraimbreri (unanimously)

Who was hiding under the LEOPARD mask?  Marie Kraimbreri

23:36 under the mask of the Leopard – Marie Kraimbreri

23:38 Marie Kraimbreri performed the song “Let me go”

Opinion on the 7th issue

My little remarks for the new issue of the show “Mask”:

  • Another sincere confession on the project: Kirkorov Theater Day stated that all of them (in the sense of a judge) are actors. I would add: “burned theater”.
  • Batrutdinov promised to announce the news of his affection for the final. Did he secretly get married? Or make a coming-out?
  • A new word in the universe “Masks” – “telepunkatsya” (author – Philip Bedrosovich)
  • This time, half of the masks sang in completely different voices – very different from those we are used to during the season. The baby suddenly forgot to sing, Donut got younger, and Bee got older.
  • There is a tendency: in the discussions some masks do not have any names at all, while in others all the judges must name at least one name taken from the ceiling.
  • Today, the monster is specifically tired, it would be nice if the “jokes” were funny… But apparently Lech Vorobyov is being pulled to the finals (so far he has one nomination).
  • Capricorn sang in his own voice and almost without processing (probably), but I liked the room with mirror Capricorns better;
  • For the first time I noticed that the Leopard costume resembles the flag of Ukraine, and Capricorn has a brooch on his groin.
  • Donut is the most rescued mask in the history of the project. In my opinion, no one has survived three nominations and stayed in the show. Is this such protection for donuts?
  • Kirkorov’s inside about Milos Bikovic’s love affairs will now be discussed by the yellow media. Will bring Phil’s language to Kiev…

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