who was revealed on April 3, 2022

The eighth issue of the third season of the TV show “Mask” was released on NTV on April 3, 2022. In the previous program, the mask was removed by Leopard, who turned out to be singer Marie Kraimbreri. There are 8 participants left, and jury members Philip Kirkorov, Valeria, Timur Rodriguez, Timur Batrutdinov and Regina Todorenko had to make a difficult choice, who will leave the show this time.

Philip Kirkorov told how he was hit by Masha Rasputina’s husband

A bee opened the show with the song “Let’s Get It Started” by The Black Eyed Peas. Believing that the bug from his youth was a Lada Dance, Kirkorov suggested that another of his friends, Masha Rasputina, might be hiding behind a mask. He remembered that he had cared for her and made an offer, and her husband, having found them with Rasputina in the cabin during the cruise, hit him in the eye. Todorenko offered a version with Instasamka, and Rodriguez heard Nadezhda Angarskaya and Angelika Agurbash in the “buzzing” of the Bee.

Before the performance of his beloved Donut Philip Kirkorov voiced his assumptions that they could be an actress with rounded shapes: Ekaterina Skulkina, Eva Polna, Svetlana Permyakova, Marina Fedunkiv or Irina Pegova. Donut, in turn, performed Lolita’s hit “I’ll send him to…” with a long-legged corps de ballet, and the jury heard Irina Ponarovskaya in his voice again. Valeria, however, offered a version with Irina Otieva, and Regina Todorenko finally confused everyone, listing Rita Dakota, Victoria Daineko, Glucose, Victoria Bonya and Nastasya Samburskaya.

Donut on Mask-3. Photo:

Capricorn remembered the hit band Imagine Dragons “Believer”. Kirkorov continues to believe that Nikita Presnyakov is hiding under a mask: “I could not imagine in 1994 that this red-haired boy would become such a great artist. I insist that it is Nikita. ” Todorenko suggested that it may be Dmitry Koldun.

“Oh, God”: Kirkorov will make a cover of Chelobanov’s song

Baby presented an unexpected reading of the hit band Hi-Fi “Not given”. Kirkorov is convinced that Dava appears in this image. Todorenko’s version is El’man, Valeria’s version is Emin Agalarov. After the performance, Malysh remained in some bright socks, by which Regina first recognized Vladimir Posner, and by choreographic skills Nikolai Tsiskaridze.

Amanita on Mask-3. Photo:

“Only an extra-class professional can master so many programs so skillfully,” Kirkorov said. Amanita, who sang Sergei Chelobanov’s song “Oh, God.” The pop king called the performance a hit of the evening and announced that he would probably include this song in his repertoire. Timur Rodriguez called Mukhomor’s number the pinnacle of his vocal skills, and among the versions were the names of Alexei Chumakov, Yevgeny Dyatlov, Dmitry Dyuzhev and Chelobanov himself.

Anubis chose to perform Badfinger’s hit “Without You”, which is also known in the version of Mariah Carey. Kirkorov was delighted with the number: “This is one of my favorite songs! Everything is at such a high level, that’s why I applaud standing up. ” He was supported by Todorenko, who said that the vibrations of Anubis’ voice are hypnotic and put into a trance: “The spirit intercepts when you sing!”. There were speculations that Anita Tsoi or Diana Ankudinova may be hiding under a mask. Viewers have long suspected Masha Zaitseva.

“Smile”: Monster addressed the jury

Monster of Masks-3. Photo:

Usually always openly trolling the jury, cheerful Monster this time he was sad and inconsolable, a huge tear appeared on his mask. He delivered a penetrating monologue about how important it is to live as much as possible every second, repeating the words of Munchausen from the famous film: “Smile, gentlemen, smile!” His words moved Kirkorov to tears: “You are amazing, thin, you are a UFO.” The monster performed Alexei Glyzin’s song “Late Evening in Sorrento”, which immersed Regina Todorenko in pleasant memories, because her wedding was in Sorrento, and her father sang this song. Who is hiding under a mask, the jury did not even discuss. The main version of the audience – Alexei Vorobiev.

He was the last participant in the issue Dragon, who performed Lara Fabian’s heartbreaking song “Je t’aime”. Kirkorov, standing, shouted “bravo”: “What is your tone, how much beauty and nobility you have.” He also said that his father, Bedros Kirkorov, after watching the show, said that the Dragon sings best of all. Valeria suggested that Grammy winner Ildar Abdrazakov might have such a vote, but Todorenko suggested considering the candidacies of Dmitry Dyuzhev, Sergei Glushko, Kamil Larin and even Sergei Zverev.

The mask was removed from the Kid, it turned out to be Ruslan Alekhno

Ruslan Alekhno in the show Mask-3. Photo: NTV

Donut, Baby and Monstrick were nominated for elimination. The spectator vote saved the Monster. The members of the jury decided by a majority vote that the mask should be removed by the Kid. In their latest assumptions, they alternately named their versions: Vlad Sokolovsky, Emin, Ruslan Alekhno, Kirill Nechaev and Dava. Batrutdinov’s assumption turned out to be correct: singer Ruslan Alekhno, one of the users of the hit “Unusual”, was hiding under Malysh’s mask.

The chairman of the jury Philip Kirkorov was delighted: “I could not imagine that you can dance like that, that you are such a showman. This is brilliant! ” Philip Bedrosovich was supported by Valery, who called him a fantastic artist and singer. And Regina Todorenko noted that it is great when an adult man can behave like a child. “We are all children at heart, sometimes we want to plunge into childhood and feel like a baby,” said Ruslan Alekhno in his farewell speech and performed Kirkorov’s hit “Fire and Water” in conclusion.

Watch the ninth issue of the show “Mask-2022” on NTV on Sunday, April 10. The broadcast starts at 20.40 Moscow time.


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