Who’s who in the series, where Eugenia Brick played her last role

On April 4, the series aired on Channel One Elena Zvantsova «No one will know». Actress Eugenia Brick, who passed away in February this year, played her last role in this picture.

In the center of the plot – eight friends. They are under forty, but in many ways they are still like children: in their free time they drive to football, go to the movies with a large company, live for pleasure. But when the heart fails Igor (Kirill Safonov), and he loses consciousness right on the street, he decides to “give” his wife a child at any cost.

There is only one snag: Igor cannot have children. However, a successful official will find a way to deal with this annoying misunderstanding, because he can cope with everything but his own feelings…

Dasha – Eugenia Brick

Dasha has been married to Igor for 15 years and is happily married. She is a successful photographer and lives for pleasure. The only thing she doesn’t have in her family life are children.

Eugene Brick in the series “Nobody Knows”. Photo: First Channel

“The heroes are my peers: 40-45 years old, representatives of the middle class, creative intelligentsia. In fact, the series is about us – successful, successful representatives of the middle class and middle age. To the new younger generation, – explains the director Alena Zvantsova. – The meaning of life and its absence.

That we are all someone’s children, each of whom sooner or later has to grow up to cope with responsibility not only for their own lives, but also for the lives of loved ones. Earlier, old age began at 50, and now not earlier than 70. At 45, people ride motorcycles, hang out and give birth. This is exactly the picture about us, about the “children”, about us. The world has changed, and we play by its rules. “

In the series, which was working title “Children”, her last role was played by Eugenia Brick (“Thaw”, “Stilyagi”, “Garden Ring”), who passed away in February 2022. The actress worked on the project with her husband Valery Todorovsky, producer of the series “Nobody Knows”. For this role, Brick received an award from the Pilot Festival.

Igor – Kirill Safonov

A successful official who, after an attack on the street, decides to “give” his wife a child. He himself cannot have children, so he offers his wife to find a donor among their mutual friends. Dasha is shocked, but out of love for her husband she is ready to do the impossible…

Evgenia Brik and Kirill Safonov in the series
Evgenia Brik and Kirill Safonov in the series “Nobody Knows”. Photo: First Channel

“From the moment she agreed, their relationship and the world around them began to crumble step by step. Because even our most noble decisions sometimes, as in sports, turn out to be “too high a bar”: you can hope that you will take the height, but in fact you can’t handle it, “says Alena Zvantsova.

Kirill Safonov is remembered by viewers of the First for his roles in the series “Good Hands”, “Penalty” and “Tatiana’s Day”, and after the series “A Short Course of a Happy Life” the actor became a real sex symbol.

Nika – Victoria Isakova

Movie star, married to Mitya. The couple is raising two children from Nicky’s previous relationship and disagrees about their own children. The forced relocation of Nicky’s mother, with whom she has never been particularly close, heats up even more.

Nick was played by Honored Artist of Russia, winner of many awards Victoria Isakova. Among her significant roles are Kirill Serebrennikov’s “Apprentice”, Valery Todorovsky’s “Thaw”, Semyon Serzin’s “Man from Podolsk”, Yana Wagner’s “Epidemic”, Alena Zvantsova’s “Particle of the Universe” and Avdotya Smirnova’s “Vertinsky”.

Victoria Isakova and Yuri Bykov in the series
Victoria Isakova and Yuri Bykov in the series “Nobody Knows”. Photo: First Channel

Mitya – Yuri Bykov

He once planned to become a great director, but now he is content with the status of a modest restaurateur, the husband of a star actress and the father of other people’s children.

In the role of Mitya – Yuri Bykov, known not only for his acting (“Major”, “Elephants can play football”), but also for high-profile directorial projects “Method”, “Fool” and “Sleeping”.

Hrundel – Alexander Robak

Successful producer Vova with the friendly nickname Hrundel, who is busy solving the problems of his teenage daughter, about whom he and his wife learned the stunning truth.

Alexander Robak in the series
Alexander Robak in the series “Nobody Knows”. Photo: First Channel

Alexander Robak, who fell in love with the roles of charming jokes, has recently starred in many dramatic projects: “Epidemic”, “House Arrest”, “Call Center”.

Julia – Jana Sexte

Hrundel’s wife, who has a difficult relationship with Herman, has a long-standing relationship that has left the woman alone for many years.

Jana Sexte in the series
Jana Sexte in the series “Nobody Knows”. Photo: First Channel

Jana Sexte, who played Julia, is not so much in the movies (“Roast Chicken”, “Trigger”, “Operation Satan”, “Thaw”), but won many awards for theater projects – she won several awards “Triumph” and “Star of the theater.”

Herman – Oleg Yagodin

A talented singer who is going to accept the rank of priest, but confused. Rather, he needs salvation and peace than he is able to lend a helping hand to his neighbor.

Oleg Yagodin in the series
Oleg Yagodin in the series “Nobody Knows”. Photo: First Channel

Yekaterinburg theater actor, Honored Artist of Russia Oleg Yagodin rarely appears in movies, but viewers remember him for his roles in Andrei Proshkin’s Orleans and in the eighth part of the anthology about Major Cherkasov’s “Trap.”

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