“Why are you laughing?” The former figure skater of the Russian national team was convicted of a mad crime

Denis Egorov performed at the World Championships and coached talented athletes. But he became famous after a shot to the head.

Former figure skater and coach Denis Egorov has been convicted of “intentionally causing grievous bodily harm” and will spend the next 3.5 years in a penal colony. He once took prizes at the junior level, and then trained future champions in the group of Svetlana Alekseeva.

But something went wrong, and the ex-athlete started shooting at women.

Shot in the face

Less than a year ago, a real information bomb exploded in the world of figure skating, completely atypical for this beautiful sport. Coach Denis Egorov fired a pistol at one of the women in the face during a conversation with two women.

Fortunately, the weapon turned out to be a signal – otherwise the victim would have no chance to escape. The shot was fired almost at point-blank range, even in the case of a traumatic pistol, a fatal outcome could have been avoided only by a miracle. The victim survived, although she received significant facial injuries, after which she needed recovery.

– Picks up the gun and starts pointing at me. I say, “Clean up.” He’s like, “Are you scared or something?” He instructs her in the forehead. Are you afraid, he says? She starts laughing. He says, “Why are you laughing?” And he just starts firing, ”said an acquaintance of Egorov’s, who witnessed the incident.

As for the unbalanced interlocutor, his case was considered for a long time. In the course of the investigation, “hooliganism with the use of weapons” was reclassified as “intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm.” Only more than nine months later, the court ruled on the final verdict – Egorov received 3.5 years in prison. He will also pay the victim 450 thousand rubles.

Coach with positive reviews

Denis Egorov is not the most famous figure skater in our country, but there were certain achievements in his career. At the junior level, the athlete, who competed in ice dancing, took the podiums of the Grand Prix, in 1999 he participated in the world championships in his age category. He did not succeed in adult tournaments, his partner Yulia Golovina decided to move to Ukraine, where she later performed in a pair with Oleg Voiko. In new realities for himself, Egorov found no prospects and completed his sports career.

Julia Golovina and Oleg Voiko / Photo: © Clive Rose / Staff / Getty Images Sport /

In the coaching field, too, not everything went well, if we talk about some global victories. But still, working side by side with venerable specialists, Denis gained experience, which later in theory could be converted into serious achievements of his wards.

For a long time, Egorov really worked without any complaints – the network has enough positive reviews about this specialist. However, the court suddenly found out that he is often aggressive, threatening colleagues, parents and even managers. If this is true, and the court did not seem to raise such big questions, it is unclear why the unbalanced coach was tolerated until a criminal case was opened.

It is worth noting that this is not Egorov’s first serious offense. According to media reports, the specialist was prosecuted for “violation of traffic rules, which inadvertently caused serious harm to human health.”

The previous crime alone could not characterize the grief coach as a person with mental health problems, after all, different situations happen on the roads. But shooting at the interlocutor raises many more questions. Judging by the videos of the incident available on the Internet, the victim and her companion did not expect any tragic finale, calmly reacting to a gun aimed directly at the forehead. If this was the usual manner of communication of a specialist, then why for so many years no one had questions about why such a person works in a sports school, including with children?

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