Why our stars did not succeed in the West: “Tatu” wanted to protest, and Valeria faced Russophobia

The main factor in the success of “Tatu” was the lesbian story, which in the West was perceived as a protest against conservative Russian society

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Nobody knows when and how the protracted “vacations” of celebrities that coincided with the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine will end. However, experts are convinced that our celebrities are not expected in the West, and their chances of becoming world stars are about zero.

LobodeI think, it will be very difficult: the girl is already in years, there are questions both to language, and to pronunciation, – the star promoter shared with Sergey Lavrov. – Maxim Galkin also unlikely to make a career abroad. First of all, because he has a conversational genre – he must speak perfectly in the language of the country where he wants to stay.

According to the promoter, many of our celebrities tried to conquer the world stage, but at best this success was very short-lived.

– Take, for example, the group “Tatu”. The main factor in their success is the lesbian history, which in the West was perceived as a protest against conservative Russian society and domestic politics. Believe me: if the girls just sang a duet without a hint of same-sex love, this project would never have shot abroad, – Lavrov is sure. – But gradually their “love” came to naught, and it affected the popularity. In addition, the group was finished by producers. When the girls left Vanya Shapovalov, they had a new, completely unprofessional director. He broke concerts and advertising contracts one after another – took an advance payment, and did not fulfill its obligations. At one time I got with this person for a lot of money: I wanted to do a tour when “Tatu” was thundering in Europe. He brought money in an envelope – show business then worked just like that – and the tour did not take place. I think the money didn’t reach the girls either, but the fame of the throwers was firmly established for “Tatu”.

Another example is Valeriawhich at the end of “zero” tried to become its own in the West: released an English-language album, went on tour abroad, the first of our stars appeared on the cover of the American magazine “Billboard” …

– She had all the ingredients of success: talent, beauty, voice, the image of the ideal mother of three children. She is respected, loved by all, – Sergei Lavrov continues. – But it turned out that neither Europe nor America is interested in it. Perfect picture, you won’t find fault. And besides, Russophobia, which is now flourishing, has always been more or less the same. Valeria faced this much earlier than in 2022. When the actress was sold out in England, people with political posters were already standing at the walls of the hall. It was Russophobia that prevented Valeria from becoming a world star.

Many celebrities, having tasted the “charms” of foreign life, eventually returned home. For example, Zhanna Aguzarova in the nineties she dreamed of conquering America, but in five years she achieved abroad … as a limousine driver and was eventually forced to return: only in Russia she was always considered a star. Aguzarov’s “Alien” is still of great interest to our viewers.

– Aguzarova lives in Moscow, she has a good apartment. She is a simple person, she does not need expensive cars and other attributes of luxury. The food is unpretentious, vegetarian: just cut an apple with a lemon – lunch is covered. She performs very rarely, but she receives decent fees: from 20 to 50 thousand euros, – said the star promoter. – But the actress does not want to tour, because she is not interested in money. By the way, her strangeness is only a stage image, in ordinary life she is a smart and adequate girl.

And here at Natalia Vetlitskaya to return to the former glory in Russia did not work. However, she was not going to return home, planning to sit on two chairs: to live in sunny Spain, and to earn money in Mother Russia.

– When Vetlitskaya wanted to return three years ago, it turned out that the train had already left. Artists of her echelon – Shura, Viktor Saltykov, Kai Metov and Lika Star – now work cheaply: 200-300, maximum 500 thousand rubles per performance, – said Sergei Lavrov. – And Natalia was not ready to sing and dance for such money: she wanted fees of 20-50 thousand euros, like Aguzarova. No one was able to offer her such sums.


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