Why Russian stars are leaving for Israel

More and more often our stars go to Israel to wait for difficult times. Thus, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, Andrei Makarevich, settled in the Holy Land, Ksenia Sobchak, Maxim Leonidov and many other celebrities. Why is Israel so attractive to our celebrities?

Yana Poplavskaya: “You can leave Israel for anywhere in the world”

Recently, the actress asked this question in her Telegram channel Yana Poplavskaya. She suggests that the reason for the love of our artists for the homeland of Christ is very prosaic.

“Israel is a country from where you can go anywhere in the world. Therefore, they do not go to Spain or France, but prefer to stay in Israel, it is known to all. And then, when the storm subsides, we will slowly move to America, where many have housing, ”Yana Poplavskaya suggested.

Yana Poplavskaya. Photo: Global Look Press

However, it will be very uncomfortable to be in Europe and the USA now. After all, every now and then there are facts in the press that testify to the rampant Russophobia. Therefore, the best way out of this difficult period is to stay in Israel, and only then to think about further migration or return home.

Yana Poplavskaya hints that Israel is a good transshipment point for leaving for the same America. Thus, a visa to the United States for citizens of this country is given for ten years.

And in the bohemian party, rumors continue that some domestic celebrities are trying to obtain Israeli citizenship or already have it.

Yana Poplavskaya also suggested that another possible reason for our artists’ interest in Israel is genetic memory. And in fact, celebrities go to their historic homeland.

Pros and cons of Israel

If we deviate from Poplavskaya’s statements, then, of course, Israel has a number of advantages over other countries. One of them is a mild climate. The sun shines here most of the year.

According to tour operators, the most favorable for life can be considered areas near the sea with a humid Mediterranean climate. Of course, the presence of the sea is the main bonus of life in Israel.

Also, travel agents note the high salaries and social guarantees of the population, the development of social and commercial infrastructure, high life expectancy. Israeli medicine is famous all over the world. And social support is provided to all segments of the population.

Add to this the low crime rate and the prosperous environmental situation. In addition, there are many health resorts in Israel, such as the Dead Sea.

And, of course, the country is rich in attractions. Jerusalem alone with its unique history, the Wailing Wall, the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher is a place that gathers thousands of tourists every year. And Tel Aviv and Haifa are dynamically developing cities with a mild maritime climate.

Ksenia Sobchak is currently in Israel, and her husband, Konstantin Bogomolov, is in Russia.  Photo:
Ksenia Sobchak is currently in Israel, and her husband, Konstantin Bogomolov, is in Russia. Photo: Global Look Press

But we should not forget about the disadvantages of Israel, the main of which – the country is constantly living in a state of war. The conflict over the Gaza Strip has been going on for decades.

In addition, artists may be seriously concerned that there are not as many theaters and concert halls in Israel as in Russia, as Yana Poplavskaya also recalled.

“Israel is a small country. If we talk about actors, the number of places in theaters is limited, so it is impossible to stay there to live and work. And one theater is not a rubber heater for you, which can be stretched to something unknown.

And you can’t work. You know: the salary is in your pocket today, and tomorrow in someone else’s. And where will our yesterday’s “stars” go? ” – Yana Poplavskaya is puzzled.

History of the Gesher Theater

By the way, the most famous theater where Russian actors could really fit in is the Gesher Theater. It was created in 1991 by a director Eugene Arie, who moved from Russia to Tel Aviv with his students – graduates of GITIS, artists of Moscow theaters. They formed the backbone of Gesher. Then the cast included Russian actors L.Eonid Kanevsky, Kirill Safonov, Igor Mirkurbanov.

The Russian theater in the difficult 90’s was not experiencing the best of times. And to stay in the profession, the artists decided to move to Israel. In just a couple of months, they learned Hebrew and performed in it.

Igor Mirkurbanov.  Photo:
Igor Mirkurbanov. Photo: Global Look Press

The play “Adam-son of a dog” with Mirkurbanov in the lead role became a legend and traveled to many countries, took part in many international festivals. Today, Igor Mirkurbanov is an actor at the Lenkom Theater, Safonov plays in Sovremennik, and Leonid Kanevsky became known as the host of the NTV Investigation program on NTV.

Will the current Gesher team be able to recruit Russian actors? Will they be able to learn Hebrew in a couple of months? Will our singers often tour Israel? Is it possible to return home after the best of times and continue to live as if nothing had happened? These questions must be answered by the artists themselves.

However, everyone has the right to choose. And do we have the right to condemn him?

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