Will Lokomotiv and Spartak hold a goal feast? Bubnov against Round 23

The expert is challenged by the head of Cybersport on and Revaz Kurtanidze.

Alexander Bubnov

Alexander Bubnov – 0: 1. “Ruby” in deplorable condition. The team has serious losses, and the last match it lost. It is necessary to rehabilitate for the defeat of CSKA, but by whom? Some left, others were disqualified. The loss of Khvichi Kvaratskhelia is especially terrible. Khimki won the most important victory in the last round and will continue their victorious progress.

Revaz Kurtanidze – 1: 0. Both teams suffered significant losses in the offensive line. It seems to me that the class of the remaining players should be enough for Kazan to win, but I will not be surprised by a draw.

AB – 2: 0. Everything is simple here. The Wings have a better game and a better team. In addition, Samara players play at home. They will own the ball, attack, create moments. I bet on the confident victory of the hosts.

RK – 2: 0. No matter how well the Ufa players play in defense, the attack on the Samara team is still stronger, in my opinion.

AB – 1: 2. “Arsenal” misses a lot and goes to the joint zone, where everything is very tight. The Tulas also have enough personnel losses. Akhmat can even afford to rotate the squad. Lately, Grozny is not very stable, but this time they will be able to win.

RK – 2: 2. In the battle of two uncompromising teams, I expect to see a bright rivalry and plenty of goals.

AB – 1: 0. There are neighbors in the standings who try to avoid joints. Both teams looked good in the last round against the favorites. I think Nizhny will play on defense, as they usually do. We have a tough game ahead of us, but I will still bet on Valery Karpin’s wards. They will be helped by native walls.

RK – 1: 1. A couple of months ago, I would have said that Rostov would win without options, but now the team has big problems with the composition, and Nizhny is defending too well.

AB – 0: 1. I always say that it is difficult to make predictions in a derby. Here is a game for three results. Both teams have significant losses. Spartak has lost Ayrton, but he can theoretically be replaced by Daniil Khlusevich. But who will replace Dmitry Barinov with Loko, if the injury received in the national team turns out to be serious – a big question. I risk betting on the victory of “Spartacus”.

RK – 1: 3. Predicting the results of Spartak matches is the deadliest idea. They can either defeat anyone or be defeated. But viewers will see a decent number of heads.

AB – 1: 2. I am waiting for Krasnodar to give Dynamo a fight. For all their problems, the “bulls” still look good and do not deviate from their game style. The white and blues are also not all right. There are questions about the defense, and in the attack not everything turns out as well as in the first part of the season. However, in this match, the team of Sandro Schwartz must take points. After all, they are pursuing Zenit!

RK – 1: 2. The Bulls are trying to squeeze the most out of the rest of the squad, but the Muscovites are still stronger. They still have to fight with Zenit, so the victory is desperately needed.

AB – 3: 0. CSKA has already started talking about the championship. Here, of course, a lot depends on “Zenith” (he must lose at least 7 points), but still can not slow down. And the Muscovites are obliged to beat the problematic “Ural”.

RK – 4: 0. I do not see why a team from Ekaterinburg can claim anything in a match with one of the brightest RPL teams. But let’s look at the goals.

AB – 1: 2. I think Zenit will take Sochi as seriously as possible. It is necessary to take revenge for the first round and not to allow pursuers. The composition of the St. Petersburg team is stronger, there is a long enough bench, Wendel is back in action. Sochi will play to win, but will not cope with the reigning champion.

RK – 3: 3. A very interesting confrontation awaits us in this match. I don’t know how it will end here, but I’m sure it will be interesting.

History of confrontations:

The score in the rounds is 12: 9

Score – 205: 191

Scoring rules:

Exact score – 4 points

Exact goal difference – 3 points

The exact outcome is 2 points

* Two matches have not been played in the 19th round yet.



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