Will the Rosguard pay for the spoiled prosecutor’s dinner?

The chairman of the IC Alexander Bastrykin instructed the capital committee to initiate a case against police officers who failed to protect Maria Semenenko from the drunken brawl of the prosecutor. However, according to Business FM, the data on their inaction is not true

Maria Semenenko. Photo: Yuri Mashkov / TASS

A new development was the story of a drunken brawl, which was arranged in a restaurant in the center of Moscow by the Deputy Head of the OBEPiPK department of the Main Directorate for Transport of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Roman Romashin. While the Investigative Committee evaluates the actions of the security officer who insulted and then attacked federal judge Dmitry Ganus and his wife, prosecutor Maria Semenenko, the head of the department Alexander Bastrykin instructed to “promptly” initiate proceedings against Rosguard officers who failed to protect the prosecutor.

The information that a criminal case awaits the state defense officers appeared on the official website of the Investigative Committee of Russia on the evening of March 29. It followed that during the fight, representatives of law enforcement agencies providing state protection for Maria Semenenko were inactive.

In this regard, the chairman of the IC Alexander Bastrykin instructed the head of the Main Investigation Department in Moscow Andrei Strizhov “promptly initiate a criminal case against Rosguard officers and provide a detailed report on the investigation.”

A fight in a restaurant

The incident took place on the evening of March 25 at the La Provincia restaurant on Kaluga Square, just two steps from the building of the Interior Ministry. Dmitry Ganus, a federal judge of the Royal Court of the Moscow Region, and his wife, Maria Semenenko, an employee of the Prosecutor General’s Office, who had come there to dine, were drawn into the conflict by a very intoxicated man resting at a nearby table. The latter behaved inappropriately and loudly used obscene language. When Judge Ganus asked him to behave, he first asked who he was to make remarks, and then began to ask insulting questions. When the judge did not succumb to provocation, the hooligan continued to insult and said that he was a “colonel” of the police. Ganus offered the bully to calm down and leave the institution, he agreed, but on the way he kicked the judge several times. The brawler had to be removed with the help of security. At the same time, according to the IC, the prosecutor Maria Semenenko, who filmed what was happening on the phone, also got it: she was “injured.” According to Business FM, Semenenko suffered a concussion. At the same time, video footage published in the media shows that she had a fight with the hooligan’s companion.

The victims appealed to the Zamoskvoretsky branch of the TFR, which began an investigation. It was found out that Roman Romashin, the deputy head of the UEBiPK department of the main department for transport of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, turned out to be a hooligan.

The famous prosecutor

Video footage that appeared in a number of media outlets shows that during the incident, two Rosguard officers, who were to defend Prosecutor Semenenko, were simply watching from the sidelines.

However, according to Business FM, this is not the case. There are other videos that show that the Rosguardians helped their ward that evening. And they will be attached to the audit materials.

In recent years, Maria Semenenko has been almost constantly under state protection. After all, it was she who succeeded in convicting the murderers of politician Boris Nemtsov, Novaya Gazeta journalist Anna Politkovskaya, Russian Nationalist Fighting Organization (BORN) leader Ilya Goryachev, Colonel Yuri Budanov’s assassin Yusup Temerkhanov, and members of one of the bloodiest gangs. Forest) and many other participants in high-profile cases. She is currently involved in the Moscow City Court in the case of the contract killing of a large businessman and sports official Shabtai Kalmanovich.

What awaits the guards and the instigator of the quarrel?

According to the managing partner of the law firm “Falcons, Trusov and Partners” Fedor Trusov, inaction of Rosguard officers, who carried out state protection of the prosecutor, could lead to the initiation of cases against police under Article 293 of the Criminal Code “negligence”.

“In my opinion, indisputably, here are all the signs of Part 1 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code (negligence provides for a fine of up to 120 thousand rubles to three months in prison). Whether their actions constitute the composition of this crime, the investigation must find out, “he said.

As for the policeman raging in the restaurant, the expert has no doubts – “he will no longer work in the Interior Ministry, as he has tarnished the honor of the uniform,” and “what he gets rid of” will depend on the health of Judge Ganus and Prosecutor Semenenko.

If it is established that they are serious, for example, one of them received a fracture, the colonel “will receive in full.” In this case, it may be a matter of “causing moderate damage to health” (Article 112 of the Criminal Code), for which he faces up to five years in prison. If the damage is not significant, everything can be limited to the article “beatings” (Article 116 of the Criminal Code – up to two years in prison).

It is a tradition to protect one’s own

Vladimir Kalinichenko, a former senior investigator for particularly important cases with the USSR Prosecutor General and honorary lawyer, believes that in the case of Rosguard officers, it may not be just a matter of “negligence.” In his opinion, Article 125 of the Criminal Code “leaving in danger” (from a fine of up to 80 thousand rubles to one year in prison), Part 1 of Article 238 of the Criminal Code – production, storage, transportation or sale of goods and products, execution works or services that do not meet safety requirements “(from a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles to two years in prison).

As for Colonel Romashin, who hit the dirt in the face, according to the lawyer, he can be charged, for example, Article 213 of the Criminal Code – “hooliganism with violence” (up to five years in prison).

At the same time, it is not a fact that he will be fired, Kalinichenko believes. According to him, during 50 years of work in the profession, he has repeatedly encountered more serious cases that did not end in a criminal case. Moreover, he noted, law enforcement agencies have the ability to “protect their own”, and the results of internal inspections often differ from the results of criminal investigations.

Kalinichenko advises Maria Semenenko and her husband not to bring the case to court, but to stop it after reconciling the parties. In his opinion, the trial could lead to great reputational damage, because after learning that the visitor threatened her – a colonel of the Interior Ministry, the prosecutor said that he “signed a sentence.”

However, Trusov and Kalinichenko do not agree here. In his opinion, there is nothing reprehensible in the prosecutor’s remark: “She simply assessed the actions of the colonel as a professional.”

As for the Rosguard fighters, if there are indeed exculpatory evidence against them, the case against them will be initiated and terminated, Trusov said.

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