“Wings” staged a crazy notch with the main sensation of RPL. We need such football!

“Sochi” won back in the minority with 0: 2, but Samara overtook the opponent in the end. Killing match in the Russian championship.

The match of the Russian Premier League with the participation of “Sochi” and “Wings of the Soviets” could hardly interest a neutral audience on Sunday afternoon. Connoisseurs of world football were preparing for “El Clásico”, the hockey audience switched to the decisive confrontations of the Gagarin Cup. And the fans of our championship after the festival of goals at the “VEB Arena” could well pause.

However, this game was definitely worth a look to see – Russian football can surprise even in the most difficult times. No outflow of legionnaires and financial difficulties will prevent athletes hungry for victory to show a bright game. A twisted plot of confrontation with removal, penalties and four goals in 10 minutes, the debut goals of newcomers. All this may include an ordinary match of the national championship.

It is in these difficult times for our sport that we definitely need such crazy football!

Goal in the locker room, removal and penalties

Sochi hosted Krylya Sovetov in the 22nd round of the Russian Premier League. The favorite on paper was the team of Vladimir Fedotov – in the standings Sochi were much higher, and even played at home. However, to talk about the unconditional advantage of the hosts would probably not be entirely correct – Volga after a break in the championship has not lost to anyone, including the leader of the season “Zenith”. The guests were clearly not going to lose this time, gaining an advantage in the score before the break. Anton Zinkovsky found a pass from Maxim Glushenkov, who scored a goal in the locker room.

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After the break, events continued to develop in favor of the “Wings of the Soviets.” Leopard defender Sergei Terekhov received two “mustards” in a short period of time, leaving his team in the minority. The troubles for “Sochi” did not end there – in the 77th minute the referee pointed to the point, noting a violation of the rules on Zinkovsky.

Yuri Gorshkov, who previously had no reputation as a master of penalties, volunteered to meet the standard. However, everything happens for the first time – the 23-year-old midfielder was not embarrassed by the prospect of a duel with the experienced Soslan Janaev, the player of the “wings” came out the winner.

Insane shootout

Neutral fans could decide at this point that the fate of the game is predetermined. One team loses 0: 2, playing in the minority, was it worth waiting for an incredible outcome? It turned out to be worth it – patient football fans, who prefer to watch any match until the final whistle, were rewarded. The participants of the meeting staged a shootout on the field, scoring three more times in a short period of time.

Less than a minute and a half passed after the second goal in the net of Janaev, and Sochi have already managed to score one goal. Ivelin Popov and Georgy Melkadze, who came on as substitutes, brought the effective attack to a logical conclusion. Three more minutes passed – Fedotov’s team managed to equalize the score. The Bulgarian legionnaire took part in the attack again, which was marked by an effective transfer. Artyom Makarchuk, who played only his second match in the Russian championship, scored his debut goal in the Premier League.

There were less than seven minutes until the end of regular time. “Sochi” almost withdrew from defeat, “Wings” almost missed the victory. Traditionally, skepticism about our football allowed us to inadvertently think that the teams will now finish playing, trying to maintain the status quo. But the plot of the meeting prepared another unexpected turn. In the 90th minute Anton Zinkovsky said his weighty word. A spectacular shot in the far “nine” set the final score on the scoreboard, embarrassing skeptics. The winner of this game has been identified.

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The match in Sochi should be an example for our other teams. Fighting on the field until the last minute, regardless of the score on the scoreboard and the position in the standings – that’s what fans love and look forward to. In the absence of validol games of the national team, as well as taking into account the premature end of the European Cups for our clubs, this is the indifference of the players in the matches of the domestic championship should help maintain interest in the game № 1.


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