Work on restarting “Crow” has resumed. The main role in it will be played by Bill Skarsgård, who played Pennywise in “It”.

The film will be directed by Rupert Sanders, who made the film adaptation of “The Ghost in the Shell”.

Bill Skarsgård (left) and Brandon Lee as Crow (right)

Skarsgård will play Eric Draven – in the original “Crow” he is a rock musician who is killed along with his bride on the eve of the wedding. However, the mysterious spirit of the Crow brings Draven back to life, and the resurrected goes to avenge his killers.

Together with Bill Skarsgård (“Hemlock Grove”, dilogy “It”) in the restart of “Crow” will play the British singer FKA twigs. Exactly what role she will play is unknown, but it is assumed that she will portray Shelley Webster – Draven’s bride.

The screenplay was written by Zach Bailin, nominated in 2022 for his work on the drama “King Richard”. The director will be Rupert Sanders, who, in addition to “The Ghost in the Shell”, made the film “Snow White and the Huntsman”.

FKA twigs, which is to play with Bill Skarsgård in the restart of “Crow”

Filming for the restart is planned to begin in June 2022, work on the “Crow” will be in Prague and Munich. The film’s budget is estimated at $ 50 million. The approximate release date of the modern version of “Crow” is not named.

The original “Crow” is a series of comics by James O’Barr, and the first film based on it was made by Alex Proyas (“Dark City”, “Sign”). The main role in the adaptation was played by Brandon Lee, the son of actor and martial arts master Bruce Lee. Brandon died in an accident during the filming of “Crow”, and the film was completed with a backup, which became Chad Stachelski.

“Raven” was released in 1994 and became a cult film. Three more films and series were later released on “The Crow”, but they were not as successful as the first picture.

They have been trying to film the restart of Vorona since 2008. Stephen Norrington (“Blade”) and Corinne Hardy (“From the Dark”) could be the directors at different times, and Luke Evans and Jason Momoa applied for the lead role.

The director of the original “Crow” spoke out against the filming of the restart

Alex Proyas believes that the remake should not be launched out of respect for Brandon Lee’s legacy.

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