WR Davis surprised with the culture at Nebraska

Nebraska held a private scrimmage today which means not a lot of news will be hitting the wire, but there were a few recruits in attendance today. One of the recruits that was in Lincoln was three-star wide receiver Andre Davis from Stilwell (Kans.) Blue Valley. Andre is the son of former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Willie Davis. Andre got a chance to meet a number of coaches at Nebraska for the first time today.

“We got here last night actually,” Davis said. “We got up to the stadium at about 8:30. Practice started around 10:00 so I was able to go to the team meeting and then I met with coach Frost.

“I was able to go to the position meeting after that and I met with coach Joseph. This was my first time to meet both coaches. Both coaches seemed very genuine and they both love their jobs. Coach Frost was telling me all of the things that he has been changing and coach Joseph was saying how he could help me.”

While Davis got a chance to meet with the head coach and the position coach he is being recruited by a third coach from Nebraska. His recruiting coach had put the Huskers in a great position with Davis.

“My recruiting coach though is Bill Busch,” Davis said. “Coach Busch has been really approachable. I can tell he’s a really good coach and knows what he is looking at when it comes to recruiting and loves Nebraska.”

Davis knew that Nebraska is a football program with a lot of tradition. What he didn’t know and got to see today was that the Huskers were about doing things the right way.

“When I was in Houston I knew that Nebraska had a really good tradition when it came to being successful. The visit today really opened my eyes though. It’s more than winning here. It’s about the culture and what they are building.”

Davis came away impressed with the Nebraska offense. He felt like the players had bought in to the new staff and the changes that they have made so far since they got there.

“They looked really explosive,” Davis said. “They looked explosive and they looked confident. They have trusted the new offensive staff and have believed in their process.”

He spent a lot of time watching the wide receivers. Davis noticed how sound the receivers were technically and how athletic they were. He feels like he would be a good fit for Nebraska as an outside receiver.

“When I watched their receivers it was clear that they were really good route runners and had a lot of speed. I can see myself more as an outside guy in any offense, because that’s where I play, but I could do either.”

The plan for Davis is to get back to Nebraska. The next time he would like it to be an official visit. He doesn’t have a date for the official visit yet. He has to get that set up with the Nebraska staff.

“Oh definitely, I want to come back,” Davis said. “I enjoyed my visit here this weekend a lot. I want to come back up here for an official visit for sure. I need to get a hold of the coaches and get that set up.”

Besides going to Nebraska for a visit Davis has also been able to see a few more other schools. He has plans to see another for a spring practice soon. There are also two official visits set up already for Davis.

“I have been to Iowa and Iowa State. I have also been to a couple basketball games for Kansas. I am going to Kansas State to watch a practice. I have official visits set up for Iowa and Iowa State too. I am going to Iowa State on June 17th and Iowa is the weekend after that.”

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