Xavi is a genius. The coach returned “tiki-taku” to Barcelona, ​​taught the hopeless Dembele to play football and blew up “Real”

“Barcelona” beat “Real” in El Clásico – 4: 0, and the football community was finally convinced of the magic of Xavi. The star football player of the Catalans perfectly stepped into the position of coach of “Barca” and got it from the bottom. The branded possession of the ball returned to the blue-garnet and a unique pressure appeared. The main thing is that victories are back. “Barcelona” has not lost for exactly two months.

KP Sport explains Xavi’s coolness and tells how he brought football back to Barcelona.

Controversial transfer window Xavi

In November 2021, Xavi hosted the crisis “Barcelona” after Ronald Cumann, and the appearance of the Spaniard at the “Camp Nou” was perceived as nothing but a second coming. Who else could save the legendary “Barca”, if not his own genius? The main task is to quickly forget about the “villain” Kuman. Under the Dutchman, the Blue and Garnets have suffered 5 defeats in 13 championship matches this season alone. And statistics were not the main problem. “Barcelona played do not understand what. Literally. There was no corporate handwriting, let alone the famous tiki.

Xavi immediately began to rebuild “Barcelona”. Introduced new rules and sanctions for violating them. By the way, footballers have already fallen under them, and Dembele – twice in a row for being late for training. Discipline in the club is now iron, even for Usman. But it all started with a failure in the Champions League.

After the December defeat by Bayern in the Champions League, Xavi almost prophetically admitted: “Today we have reached the bottom. A new era is beginning. “

And a new era for Barça began with a controversial transfer window. Ferran Torres can be singled out from the top purchases. Obviously, a strong midfielder with outstanding abilities. But the acquisition of Adam Traore and Pierre-Emerick Obameyang raised questions. Plus, it failed to sell the unstable Usman Dembele. The Frenchman was terrible in Kuman’s blue-garnet team, and no one hoped for him or Xavi.

But Dani Alves returned to the team – another legend of the club. However, the Brazilian is already 38 years old, and this is also a strange increase. But Xavi had no choice but to fight.

Pierre-Emerick Obameyang rams up Real’s defense. Photo: Reuters

Barça has not lost for two months – since January 21

What in the end? Torres played almost without swinging, becoming a reinforced concrete base player. The Spaniard has already scored the first double, and scored a total of six goals (including “Real”) and four assists. Dembele came to life and played, and this is a huge victory. In “Classico” Usman has an assistant double. Obameyang in general became a real revelation, confirming this thesis with a double in the “Classico”: 7 games for “Barca” – 7 goals. The Gabonese did not even play like Xavi at Arsenal.

Well, the coach’s statistics after the massacre with “Real” speaks for itself. 15 La Liga matches, 11 wins, 4 draws and just one defeat. A colossal result that brought Barça to third place in La Liga.

After the victory over “Real”, the gap between “Barcelona” and “Real” was reduced to 12 points. That’s a lot, but Xavi is doing his best to get closer to the “creamy” as soon as possible.

Another point that helped Xavi’s team was the defeat of Athletic Bilbao in the Cup. On January 20, Barça dropped out of the tournament and can now focus exclusively on La Liga and the Europa League. What blue-garnet needs now.

And yes, this was Xavi’s last defeat at Barcelona. Since January 21, the Catalans have not lost at all.

Those who are familiar with the situation at the club say that with the arrival of Xavi on the coaching bridge, the players have an understanding of the game. The star coach explains all the nuances of the new football. Now even the troubled Dembele understands what he needs to do on the field. And most importantly – behind the awareness of the game is a cool, branded, but modern tactics.

Barcelona humiliated Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu. Photo: Reuters

Xavi returned tiki-taku and created ingenious pressure

Xavi was required to return Pep Guardiola’s football to Barcelona. The style in which Xavi himself was a system-forming player. And the Spanish specialist copes with the task ahead of schedule, and even overfulfills the plan.

Barca’s account on social networks boasts video clips from Xavi’s training sessions. And fans under the posts note: “Xavi returns” tiki-taku “.

A short pass with constant openings of football players has already begun to appear not only in training, but also in official games. Xavi has chosen a cool formula and composition for this: the experienced Busquets with DNA “tiki-taki”, young and talented Pedry (Gabi) and De Jong. The trio of midfielders is the main combat unit. But even more important people in Barcelona’s Xavi are the attacking players.

Ferran Torres found himself closer to the attack, Usman Dembele finally ran on the flag, and Obameyang hosted the tip. The strikers not only participate in the “tick-tack”, but are also the creators of the fantastic pressure of the Catalans. Xavi did not take over this component of his football time from Barca, but invented it himself.

A distinctive feature of “Barcelona” Xavi – vertical attacks. The percentage of possession of the ball is still more than 65 per match, only the team considers this possession successful only if the attack was developed and brought to impact.

The attacking trio takes the ball in the first third of the field – in the half of the opponents. It is due to pressure and early selection of the ball that these 65% are achieved. In this sense, the defenders of “Barca” have more narrowly focused functions – focused on their direct responsibilities.

Real Barcelona
“Barcelona” defeated “Real”. Photo: Reuters

Even Carlo Ancelotti noted Xavi’s work

Xavi has an outstanding job at Barcelona. This is confirmed even by Real Madrid head coach Carlo Acelotti.

– The individuality of “Barcelona” never changes, because the club has a clear style. Xavi fits in well with this style, and under his leadership the team has added significantly. This is a full-fledged team that plays well. “I think Xavi is doing a good job,” Ancelotti was quoted as saying by Marca before the Clasico.

I wonder if Ancelotti’s attitude towards Xavi has changed since the defeat?

Exactly during the match with “Real” Xavi sent great respect to ex-footballer Gary Lineker via Twitter.

– It really starts to seem that Xavi will become the elite coach that many of us imagined him to be, – wrote the former England striker after the first half of the match between “Barcelona” and “Real”.

What to say about the fans of “Barcelona”. “Camp Nou” is delighted with the work of Xavi and the new (old) “Barcelona”. In addition, Xavi did another important thing for the fans: he said that the doors of “Barca” are always open for Lionel Messi. The coach even called the Argentine after the defeat of “PSG” by “Real” in the Champions League. Who knows, maybe Messi’s return is the next step in Xavi’s work at Barcelona?


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