Yuri Stytskovsky from “Kalambur” and 7 other elected officials of Evelina Bledans

While studying in Leningrad, Evelina Bledans met with the actor Yuri Stytskovskybest known for its comedy show “Pun”. She moved to a dormitory with a young man, but life together was not so happy: their interests and temperaments differed greatly.

During her relationship with Styckowski, Evelina had an affair with a musician Maxim Leonidov, who was then married to actress Irina Selezneva. Realizing the futility of that relationship, Bledans returned to Stytskovsky and even married him. In total, Yuri and Evelina lived together for 7 years, but the marriage lasted only a few months. Look at the chosen artists in the gallery:

Almost immediately after the divorce, Evelina Bledans met with businessman Dmitry. He became her second husband – a young man made an offer to his beloved just a few days after the first acquaintance, in the fall of 1993. And a year later they had a son, Nikolai.

This Bledans marriage lasted for 17 years. The reason for the breakup was different goals and pastimes: Evelina immersed herself in show business and secular life, while Dmitry was alien to it. And their son spent more time not with his mother, but with his father and grandmothers. After the divorce, Dmitry left for Israel and took Nikolai with him. The mother has not been able to establish a relationship with her son for a long time, and only in recent years have rare joint shots with Kolya appeared on her social networks.

After parting with Dmitry, a new candidate appeared on Evelina’s love list quickly enough. She met during the filming with director Alexander Seminwho was 13 years younger than the star. They married in 2010, and in 2012 their son Semyon was born, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome. The diagnosis was not a verdict for the family: Evelina began to take Semyon to events from childhood and allowed him to participate in the filming with her, so as to tell the world about the friendliness and openness of such children.

Alexander and Evelina seemed like a happy couple, so their announcement of parting, which was made in 2017, came as an unpleasant surprise to many fans. As it turned out, Evelina and Alexander divorced six months earlier, but did not announce their breakup. The former couple managed to maintain a good relationship and both are involved in raising the child.

For a long time after the third divorce, Bledans said nothing about her personal life. She was credited with relationships with many men with whom she attended social gatherings and was photographed in ambiguous poses. Among them were singer Shura, actor Valery Borovinsky (According to rumors, Bledans was especially close to him in the 90’s, but now it seems that he does not cross the line of friendship) and actor Maxim Drozdwith whom the actress starred in the early zeros in the series “Cursed Paradise” and resumed communication.

In 2018, she told 7 Days magazine that she had become her new man businessman Sergei Demchev, with whom she was published several times during that period. However, after this announcement, no other information about their relationship appeared.

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