Zapashny spoke to Barsky, Poplavskaya – about the oppression of Russians in Europe, which shows will not be on TV

About this and other news from the world of stars, which became the most read on March 26 – in the review of

Max Barskikh. Photo: Global Look Press

Trainer Edgard Zapashny spoke to Ukrainian singer Max Barskikh, calling him a piece of shit. Meanwhile, the singer Valeria missed a concert in Dubai.

And Yana Poplavskaya told what was happening in Europe, where her friend decided to return. About this and other news from the world of stars, which became the most read on March 26 – in the review of

Edgard Zapashny called Max Barski a piece of shit

Trainer Edgard Zapashny spoke to Ukrainian singer Max Barskikh. He called the artist the real shit, which in any case can not be allowed into Russia.

Edgard Zapashny
Edgard Fragrant. Photo: Global Look Press

“Let him sing in Polish and Lithuanian bars in Russian, because no one needs him in any other language!” Said Zapashny.

Valeria’s concert in Dubai failed

The day before, the singer Valeria said that her scheduled concert in Dubai failed. It was to take place as part of the Dresden Opera Ball.

Valeria. Photo: Global Look Press

“The musicians of the Dresden Orchestra did not want to go on the same stage with Russian artists. Svetlana Zakharova and Vadim Repin were to perform there. But it’s okay, let’s survive this, too, ”the actress said.

Yana Poplavskaya spoke about what is happening in Europe

Actress Yana Poplavskaya spoke about the situation in Europe. According to the star, her close friend had to return to Russia.

Yana Poplavskaya
Yana Poplavskaya. Photo: Global Look Press

“I am being told from Spain what is happening there. Ukrainian refugees blew up a Russian house. At the Russian church, you understand what was written, “Poplavskaya said.

What shows will not be released this year on television

The day before it became known that the TV-3 channel canceled the new season of the project “The Last Hero”, hosted by actress Yana Troyanova.

And the STS TV channel canceled the shooting of the show “Fort Boyard” scheduled for June. So far, the producers are unable to resume it.

What Angelica Varum does to preserve her youth

At the age of 52, Angelica Varum claims that her beauty is solely due to genetics. According to the singer, she is afraid of plastic surgeons and will never agree to facial surgery.

Angelica Varum
Angelica Varum. Photo: Global Look Press

At the same time, experts suggest that most likely the singer uses the achievements of modern cosmetology and makes hardware procedures.

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